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You can now build your own Pokemon Community, connect and share photos with your friends and enjoy rich and Easy Social Features.

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Play Pokemonlake

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Join as an Expert

Would you like to become a Community Expert? We are looking for users ready to play a leading role inside our community! If you believe you can assist us growing, then use our Invite system and invite as many friends to our website! We will award you with the Gym Leader / Expert badge. Furthermore you will have the option to create your own community /mini facebook!

Start Inviting!

Start your own Community

If you are a Registered users then you can create your own page and share your story and photo albums. Using your permanent link you can then invite people and share your page with everyone you like. As there is a LIMITED space of users we can accept we would advise you to INVITE people to join our website. What are you waiting for? Do you have an interesting story to share? 

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